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  • José Góngora Pat flanks a memorial for his brother, Luís Góngora Pat, on Oct. 7. (Alex Emslie/KQED)
  • Ricardo Perez, a former Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy, was arraigned at the Hayward Hall of Justice on Sept. 30, 2016 for one charge of felony oral copulation with a minor and two misdemeanor counts for engaging in lewd conduct in a public place. (Alex Emslie/KQED)
  • San Francisco police Cmdr. Greg McEachern addresses reporters at an April 8, 2016 press conference on the fatal officer-involved shooting of Luis Gongora the previous day. (Alex Emslie/KQED)
  • Five protesters were detained after disrupting a Dec. 5, 2015, meeting of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in protest of plans to construct a new jail.
  • Of the 11 officers investigated, Richmond announced Friday that nine officers would face varying levels of discipline from the city related to teenager at the center of sexual exploitation allegations involving dozens of officers from multiple Bay Area law enforcement agencies. (Alex Emslie/KQED)
  • Former Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan announced his resignation on Wednesday, Sept. 21. (City of Berkeley Website)
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  • A recent report on the Richmond Police Department's involvement in a sexual exploitation scandal involving multiple Bay Area law enforcement agencies found no criminal wrongdoing on the part of its officers. (Alex Emslie/KQED)
  • Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley announces charges against seven police officers in a case involving the sexual exploitation of a Richmond teenager. (Alex Emslie/KQED)
  • Pelican Bay State Prison (Wikimedia Commons)
  • (L-R) Former Oakland police chiefs Sean Whent, Ben Fairow and Paul Figueroa.] (Alex Emslie/KQED, BART, OPD)
  • SFPD Homicide Inspector Gianrico Pierucci, Chief Toney Chaplin, Paulette Brown and Inspector Jim Spillane pray on Aug. 12, 2016, at the scene where Aubrey Abrakasa Jr. Was shot dead approximately 10 years ago. (Alex Emslie/KQED)
  • The San Francisco Police Department and Police Officers Association have agreed on a general order governing officers' personal use of social media. (Alex Emslie/KQED)
  • An Oakland Police Department vehicle parked at a crime scene at East 15th Street near 57th Avenue in East Oakland on Jan. 21, 2014. (Alex Emslie/KQED)
  • Bayview resident Ronnishia Johnson addresses a crowd of more than 400 people gathered before a Police Commission meeting on Dec. 9 to protest the fatal police shooting of Mario Woods, who was killed by San Francisco police officers Dec. 2. (Alex Emslie/KQED)


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